Friday, October 28, 2011

SMaSh cakes are a sMasH!

Love this photo a photographer friend of mine took of her daughter smashing this smash cake!


This was the perfect treat to celebrate at the end of season party. 
The cake is made of little cupcakes that just pull apart! No mess, but still big impact.
And it's made of 3 dozen cupcakes, so it fed everyone!!!!

Monster Cupcakes

These monster cupcakes are so fun for Halloween!

kids love them!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

African Sunset Ruffle Cake

This was a really fun and unique theme and color scheme for a wedding! I've wanted to do a ruffle cake so bad, and it worked perfectly to represent a sunset.
This was a really fun couple to work with also, they had such fun ideas.

giRL's RuLe!

I had so much fun making this 
girly sports cake
for a cute 11 yr old girl.

The Beauty of a Groom's Cake

I really wanted to create a cake representing the bride and a cake representing the groom...
I love how they turned out.

Batter's Up Cupcakes

Had a lot of fun making these baseball cupcakes for my son's t-ball. It was a nice break creating edible art for my family to enjoy.  Poor monkeys have to smell it all day and then never get to eat it.  They are good sports...but I do like making special treats for their special occasions too :)

bAtTeR's Up